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The Gospel Heritage Quartet began in 1974.  We were 4 college boys who had known each other nearly all our lives, now chosen to sing together as we traveled around the country encouraging Christiians and promoting Kansas City College and Bible School.  One of our favorite songs was "Through it All."  We believed what we sang, but as young men did not grasp the full meaning of what life had in store for us.

The title song for this new project," Through", is the testimony of our four families 38 years later having walked this far on life's journey.  Each of us has had many opportunities to experience God's great faithfulness in the joys and sorrows of these years.  We can now sing with confidence and assurance,

"Through the pain and through the Glory

through it all we'll tell the story

of the God whose power and mercy

will not fail to take us through"

We are praying that the power of the truth communicated in these songs will turn your eyes toward Jesus, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.  He is the message in the songs.

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